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Twyning Green section (J8 to J9)

The first section, commenced at the Ross Spur Interchange with the M5 at Strensham and extended across the alluvial flood plain of the River Avon at Bredon for 1.8 miles. The successful Contractor was Christiani-Shand, the tender price was £1.6m and the contract, which commenced in August 1967, was for a period of 30 months. A feature of this length of motorway was the construction of a high embankment on alluvium which necessitated the surcharging of the embankment with ten feet of extra fill for a period of 21 months before constructing the drainage and pavement. Also, there were two long span steel bridges over the River Avon and the adjacent flood relief channel. The construction of the length of embankment between the two bridges required special monitoring to measure the water pressure in the underlying soils and settlements so that the risks of slips underneath the embankment were avoided. There was a deficit of some 476,000 cu.yds. of embankment filling material which had to be imported.