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Regional Co-ordinator: John Howison


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The Scottish motorway network extends to some 380 km, a small fraction of the total length of 53,000 km, but carries over 5,300 million vehicles annually, some 12½% of the loading on the whole Scottish road network. As a workhorse, it carries almost a quarter of the heavy goods vehicle mileage. And transfer of the nation's traffic to the motorway network is continuing. Special Roads and motorways, a concept first introduced into legislation in 1949, are embraced by all mainstream political parties. The introduction of the Scottish motorway network has been a resounding success.

Looking back over the years, the enduring picture is a partnership between the local authorities in Glasgow, in the west of Scotland, creating the urban network for that great conurbation, and central government, working from Edinburgh, providing the inter urban network to "shrink" Scotland and the challenges of communication.

This Scottish contribution to the archive is built up from a collection of papers from a few of those who took part in delivering the network from its first appearance as a series of isolated new roads in the mid 1960s, and whose careers have spanned this step change in Scottish infrastructure.

Note: Although the motorway network in Scotland is very substantial, it is regretted that very little (or in some cases no) information on individual schemes is available. It is hoped that, in the future, further information will become available, and these pages can be updated.