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Other "firsts"

Other "firsts"

The following list represents perhaps a slightly controversial view of the various "firsts". For this reason, a "confidence" column is included, and where this is less than 100%, then an alternative view may well be possible, and should be passed to the webmaster for consideration. Clicking on the scheme name will bring up a map or picture of the relevant section of the scheme (where available). Click on the browser's "back" button to return to this page.


The first  .....


Date opened Conf
Urban motorway M63. Stretford Eccles By-pass Oct 1960 50%
Dual three-lane section M1. Crick to Berrygrove Nov 1959 100%
Dual four-lane section M61. Worsley braided interchange Dec 1970 60%
Dual five-lane section M2 (NI). Belfast to Greencastle. Foreshore Sec'n May 1973 80%
Three-level interchange M6/A6 Fylde junction Jan 1965 80%
Four level interchange M4/M5 Almondsbury interchange Sep 1966 100%
Major High level Viaduct M63. Barton High level Bridge Oct 1960 100%
Two-level viaduct M1. Tinsley viaduct Mar 1968 100%
Tunnel M4. Crindau tunnel, Newport May 1967 80%
Toll bridge M4 (now M48). Severn crossing Sep 1966 100%
Toll motorway M6 Toll. Birmingham Northern Relief Road Dec 2003 100%